Il Team di Cycling Pangea

Alessandro da Lio

Conception and realization of the project.

Participant in numerous cycling expeditions, such as: "560 Km Duchenne Heros"; "Venice-Istanbul 2010"; "Cape North - Venice 2013" in one stage of 4000 km; self-sufficient trail "Sahara desert in 2009" for solidarity purposes; "Mongolia Sukhbaatar 2012"; "Athabaskan 2012" a solo winter self-sufficient trail; various "Transalp 2001-2014"; "Alaska" Iditarod different editions on bike in winter and self-sufficiency, and volcanoes Danakil desert in 2013.

Alexandra Tomaselli

scientific expert for the Americas

She is senior researcher at the Institute for Minority Rights at the European Academy of Bolzano (EURAC). Her fields of expertise include human and minority rights, and the protection of indigenous peoples at national and international level, with a focus on Latin America.

Keara Jane Ryder

scientific support for the stops in North America

She is master student in “European Studies” at the University of Toronto (Canada) and she follows also indigenous issues in North America.

Dario Massimo

scientific expert for Africa and Europe

He worked as a researcher for the Free University of Bolzano and the Universities of Hagen and Kaiserslautern. He is a journalist and a writer, and published several articles and books. He spent ten years in the Horn of Africa in the dual role of social worker for a major NGO and war correspondent carrying out numerous trips within this vast continent.